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Changing Output Voltage frequency

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Changing Output Voltage frequency


I need help with two things. By the way, I am new to VESC and motor controlling in general. I am currently doing a no-load characterization.

1. How can I change the frequency of the output voltage? I am getting 125Hz right now and I would like something higher say 1000Hz. I figured i might need to increase the carrier freq from 20kHz (V_tri) and most importantly the reference frequency (V_control) from 125Hz. Where can I change the reference freq on VESC tool? Or what other way can I change the output frequency?

2. When I change the freq by changing the speed, I discovered my speed gets clamped at 7500erpm which corresponds to the 125hz i am getting at the output. Can I extend this range

3. On the other hand, is it possible to generate a torque vs speed curve using VESC? if yes, how?


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The maximum motor frequency/erpm is based on your input voltage and motor kv. The pwm frequency won't affect that. If you want more speed you need more voltage or a different motor.

Torque is directly proportional to motor current (ignoring saturation effects).