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About this forum

VESC development is moving quickly, and more people are getting involved, both developers and users. Until now I have been doing all testing myself on my ebike, scooter, longboard and mountainboard for every new firmware release, but  it is becoming more difficult to catch all corner cases of different setups. Many people also use VESC-based hardware on rather dangerous setups (which I don't recommend, be safe!), so I want to do everything I can to make firmware releases as safe as possible.

The first step towards this has been to create a branch on git for every new release, that will be merged back to master after testing is done:

This should make the master branch stable and the FW branches experimental, and allows me to make more frequent pushes for developers to follow. Yes, this is probably a better way to use git than I used to. I have no excuse :-)

Update: master is now the development branch and every release has its own branch. If you want to get the source code or compiled firmware for a specific branch, you can do that under branches on github. Pick the branch with the version name of the release.

In this forum I will post beta builds of VESC Tool and FW releases, and ask you to help me out testing them. When doing so, I ask you to be extra careful to not hurt yourself. Here are some tips:

  • Always set a safe ERPM limit to limit your top speed.
  • Wear protection and a proper helmet.
  • Take your time, don't test things in a hurry.


After a release has passed my tests and the beta tests in this forum, it will become the new stable firmware.

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I downloaded the platinum for 23.US dollars. On my Mac Book Pro. When trying to upload the program it gives me errors. What I'm I doing wrong.


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I see lots of development activity, which is very exciting.  How can I get started as a contributor, and which hardware should I test the latest developments on?  I have many years of experience in embedded control systems development and look forward to contributing.  My current interest is in E-Foils.