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Sampled Data not working

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Sampled Data not working

I'm using VESC Tool v0.91 and custom VESC board with hall sensor inputs.

I spin the motor at constant RPM with my controller and all the real time data shows up in VESC Tool very well, no problems.  RPM, Duty Cycle, Motor Current, etc.

When I go to the Sampled Data tab and try to click "Sample Now" the loading bar goes to about 30% then stops and never does anything.  I've tried all the other buttons too, stopping and starting the motors, changing RPM.  The BEMF tab is the same.

Am I doing something wrong in VESC Tool or is there something wrong in hardware?



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The sampled data currently only works over USB, so if you are using some other interface that might be the cause. I will probably have a look at that soon and make it work over all interfaces.

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I use an USB-cable to communicate with the VESC (Mini FSESC 4.20), and I have the exact same problem as OP. So this problem is certainly not only related to non-USB communication.

EDIT: Btw, I forgot to mention that I use VESC tool v. 1.28 smiley

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I noticed the "Sampled Data" has a problem downloading to completion when you have the "Realtime Data" enabled.  Turn off the "Realtime Data" whenever you want to "Sample Data" and it works every time.

I also think the x-axis is not getting updated properly.  When you change the Dec (Decimation?) to something other than 1, the time axis doesn't change.