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VESC Tool RPM not the actual in real life

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VESC Tool RPM not the actual in real life

Hi, currently, I am using the VESC Tool to configure my motor. When I set my RPM to 1000 on the VESC Tool software, the motor is only spinning at round 60RPM. I have already declare my motor and wheel is at 1:3 ratio using timing belt. May I know what settings can I change to ensure the RPM in the software is the same as  the RPM in real life? Thanks in advance

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VESC Tool can only determine electrical RPM, not true RPM. You need to divide the number that it displays by the number of pole PAIRS in you motor. So if you are running at 10,000RPM, on a 14 pole (7 pole pairs) motor your actual shaft RPM = 10000/7 = 1429 RPM.

If your 60 RPM motor is saying 1000 RPM, then you must have a 32 pole motor?

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In VESC Tool, it is under Additional Info > Setup > Motor Poles