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VESC Tool 2.06 not working either on windows.

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VESC Tool 2.06 not working either on windows.

I tried on a fresh installed windows 10 on a Think pad laptop.

Same as the previous versions: Just a blank white window.

Tried with compatibility check to all other versions of windows, or running it as admin.

Put it into the two programs floder or the desktop but nothing helped.

The only machine I can get this program to work on is my desktop in my appartement, but it's hard to lift my bike up two stories, make an adjustment, then test, then lift it back.

Any ideas?

I would try to install Linux for it but failed to install this software. Too complicated for me.

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I can't get it to work either on a fresh install of Windows 7... so my brand new controller is sitting doing nothing and a waste of money.


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Hi, I was having the same issue and found out that the problem is in running it on external monitor with USB to HDMI adapter. You might want to try adjusting your screen or graphic card settings.

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Yes manek is completly right. I use my laptop on a dockingstation with screens attached at work, I opend vesc tool there to check something. At home the laptop screen only wasnt able to "find" the screen and the tool seems white in the preview down in the taskbar. Thats a little big it seems :D