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How different of VESC 6 and VESC 4

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How different of VESC 6 and VESC 4

Hi Everyone 

Sorry to ask such silly question here. But I still not understand completely how different between VESC 4 and VESC 6 on the hardware and firmware,Would everyone can share the more comprehensive information to me? 


Tilman Baumann
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I'm not 100% sure either.

But in general, more power,  more robust, better case, support and I suppose Benjamin gets a cut.

Roger Wolff
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There is a pretty hard electrical rule that the sum of the currents going into a device is always precisely zero. 


So a battery delivering 1A has 1A going into the device through the - pole and -1A going into the positive pole (i.e. 1A coming out). This means that when you measure one you know the other!


The same holds for a motor with three leads: measure two and you know the third. So the first VESC (VESC-4) was built when TI recommended measuring just two of the currents and calculating the third if you needed it. Well.... Due to imperfections in real life, some of the measurements are more accurate than the others. And you can predict which ones. So in VESC-6, the decisison was made to allow the hardware to measure all three currents, and to not-use the one predicted to be least accurate and then calculate it from the other two. 


That's an important improvement of VESC6 over VESC4. 

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is the current setup of having three 'in phase' sensing like the VESC 6 is better than three bottom side sensing ?

Reason being that I wanted to do a high voltage version of VESC and found the low side current sensing to be cheaper due to low common mode voltage requirements than the VESC 6 setup.