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UART CAN forwarding

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UART CAN forwarding

I have a two-VESC longboard that I want to control via UART. 


  • Master VESC has ID of 0
  • Slave VESC has ID of 1
  • In VESCTool, forwarding over CAN lets me configure/control the slave VESC
  • Slave VESC is set to No App
  • Slave VESC Send CAN Status is set to True (false for master)
  • library for controlling VESC from an Arduino UNO clone
  • I modified the above GitHub link to insert the COMM_FORWARD_CAN and slave VESC ID (1) bytes and increase the payload size by two to make room.

What works:

  • I can spin up the master motor by sending a current command over UART
  • I can spin up either motor in VESC tool by checking/unchecking the CAN forwarding feature

What doesn't work:

  • When I try to spin up the slave motor via UART it doesn't move. 

Here's what I'm sending to the master VESC over UART:

2 5 6 0 0 11 184 55 172 3 (set current to 3A)
2 7 33 1 6 0 0 11 184 164 155 3 (forward to VESC 1 and set current to 3A -- UPDATED)

If I just send the first line repeatedly, the master motor spins up nicely. If I send just the second line, or both, nothing happens. 

EDIT 2: I had an error in my packet assembly code. It looks like I have the right CRC and everything now, but it's still not working. 


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I have  exactly the same problem.

When I use PPM as input both motors spin, but with UART only the first motor spins.

Did you find any solution to this problem?

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Did you find any solution for this?

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