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Burning mosfets..

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Burning mosfets..

Hello all!

I have a china escooter (kugoo g booster) 

and wanted some more power from it,

i bought 3 Flipsky's 75100, one for any bad case but all went bad... checked the fets and from 6 fets 3 were burned...

 one motor has 1200w peak, it has 2, sensorless

-config 2 vescs via can, and a bluetooth module

50 amp max per esc

absolute watt 2000 per esc

absolute amps 85 per esc

battery 62v (67.2) 29.8 ah 

brake amp 0


i only used throttle, no e brake

i started slow, everything ok, power was so much better, like an awesome e scooter, under the vesc tool on my phone it showed the motor was sucking more than 2500w, (or that was both of them?)then i accelerate more to 3200w

tho, the limit was 2000w... after i got 65 km/h the back engine made a huge brappp sound and braking, i knew it, the fets are gone...

tried only one engine, same results... what should i do no one explained clearly,

for the moment i got an ugly 24fets esc 

are the motors to weak? and that causes spikes to the esc? 



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How was the throttle wired to both controllers? 

At high RPMs, fets are usually killed due to voltage spikes. 



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