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VESC Express - Logging

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VESC Express - Logging

Hi there,


I have been following the steps in the manual, and also checked the Express Demo video by Benjamin ( however I am still not able to set up the logging on an SD card. Log started and log stopped text is shown after pressing their corresponding button, but still, the connected device/filename/browse menus are all empty. What am I doing wrong?

Is there a limitation on the card size to be used? I have tried it with a 32Gb SD card, no success in any file system (exfat/NTFS/FAT32).

Thanks in advance.



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I have bought a Sandisk 64Gb SD XC card and it worked right away. What is strange is that I think it was originally formatted as exfat, but after using it with the logger it became fat32. However still no success with the smaller Kingstone 32GB SD HC card.


I have observed that during HFI testing the log only cathes the GPRS data, probably the CPU is already fully utilised.

Another note, that the logged rate of the GPS (with the quite big trampa GPS modul, Beitian BN-280) is 500ms or 2Hz, with standard settings (10Hz log rate set up) with FW 6.00, inhouse. Will update this info if there is a difference, after I have made an enclosure for the logger modules and was able to log on the go.

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Additional thoughts on VESC Express:
Great thing to be able to log inner values, this is an important tool for improving a system, I definately recommend it.

While planning to integrate it in your system keep in mind that it has a power draw as well, heat should be shed somehow. One IC/transistor heats up to 60-65C in the open at room temperature. Vesc together with express roughly consumes 2W while logging based on voltage level drop during stand by.

Express tool connection and connection setup is still somewhat buggy (FW6.02), will post in beta forum.

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same here. I can not reproduce the steps from Ben's video, e.g.

the terminal on my side offers the following commands:"ubx_poll" as mentioned by Ben is not available. This where I get stuck

Valid commands are:
  Show this help
  List all threads
  Print memory usage
  Print all CAN devices seen on the bus the past second
  Print some hardware status information.
  Scan CAN-bus using ping commands, and print all devices that are found.
  Prints how many seconds have passed since boot.
  Print NMEA message information
  Re-initialize ublox gnss receiver
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Hi Guys, I'm new to VESC,and having the same problem as above No GPS data.
GPS data is not available on the terminal (nmea_info), and restarting it with ublox_reinit returns "cannot set baud".
Same as above, the GPS module is a Beitian-280, it has a GPS lock according to the LED pattern.
With a CRO I can see the data on module Tx pin, and on the Rx pin of the Express module.
Is there a way to connect to the ESP's serial port with the terminal screen? So I can test that comm path?
I suspect it might be do-able with LispBM but I haven't got that far yet (not by a long way, so much to learn!).

Hope we can get this working, otherwise it'll have to be a return to Trampa.


Pete L.