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I'm so new to this. Question about the G4 series capabilities

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I'm so new to this. Question about the G4 series capabilities

Its totally possible this in the worng place. LMK.

So I found an MCU and Driver combo that claims to be able operate 2 motors independently when you put an accompanying independent 2nd driver on the board. It uses the G4 series (the same I've noticed on Flipsky 4.20 boards). Is it possible to run both motors using both hall sensors for FOC operation at full 4.20 spec?

My concern is that the erpm limit has something to do with MCU calculation limits. And adding a 2nd motor to the controller will lower the erpm limit of each output to match the spec collectively instead of each independent motor.

Can 1 MCU handle processing 2 bldc motors spinning at speed with or without hall sensor input?


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It can be done. Example: Stormcore and Unity

Also comes with some minor downsides and if one side blows you basically have to replace the controller for two motors instead of only one controller.

Best is two independent controllers for each motor.