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Gate driver

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Gate driver

The FD6288Q is popular in drone ESCs, It has good specs (250V, 50V/ns, 4x4mm, 3-phase, 1.5A) and low price; ~50 cent. 

Do you think it is worth trying the  in a VESC variant?  

What is your favorite 3-phase gate driver?  (and why?)

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The propagation delay on that gate driver is pretty fricken huge, I'm not sure how the vesc would handle it.

I would go with individual half bridge drivers per phase, with a single 3 phase driver it makes routing gate drive signals very difficult, specifically the high side gate and source connection.

My go to half bridge driver for high speed, medium voltage is the irs2011, its good to 200v, has a very small propagation delay and rise time. Lower current than some gate drivers at only 1A but for a lot of applications that is fine, its pretty cheap.


Iirc micrel have a gate driver very similar to the irs2011 that has more powerful drive but is 180v rated and more expensive.


If you just want a cheap half bridge driver and don't care for performance, the egmicro eg3112 is alright.