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Driving Issues Due To Reversed Current Amplification

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Driving Issues Due To Reversed Current Amplification


I cloned the VESC MINI4 into a different form factor that was mandatory for my project. Due to layout reasons i reversed the current amplification, so the phase current is measured negatively (reversed IN+ and IN- at the amplifier). I thought this can easily be solved by inserting a negative amplification gain. This is not the case as I noticed and after digging deeper into the code I got an idea why, but I am not able to solve it inside the code.

Is there a possibility to solve that issue? for example by "inverting" the relevant values coming from the DMA stream? where could this be inserted?

thank you in advance for your help. I am looking forward to any answer :)




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I did same thing , I modified the code like this 

  curr_1= 4095 - ADC[current_1];