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Maytech VESC keeps startup spinning slowly

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Maytech VESC keeps startup spinning slowly


I have a weird little issue with the E-step/scooter I'm building, here's the setup:

-Maytech VESC 4.12  (I tested 2 of these VESC's and both show the same issue)

-Maytech 6374 BLDC outrunner motor

-Throttle is a hall effect sensor throttle connected directly to the VESC via the 3.3V, GND and ADC pins.

-12cell Lipo 12AH (Multistar)


The vehicle drives perfectly, all the way up to top speed, the throttle curve is nice and smooth, from 0km/h to top speed (about 50km/h).

However, when I ever so slightly twist the throttle, the VESC seems to go in some kind of "startup" mode or so, where is keeps pushing forward slowly (about 1km/h), 

even after releasing the throttle. The "pushing" stops as soon as the motor has reached a certain rpm, so if I pick up the step, it stops, or if I slightly push it forward myself, it also stops the "pushing".

Here is a video that properly demonstrates the issue at hand:

Any feedback would be super welcome! I tried playing with the settings a bit to no avail. The VESC is set to BLDC mode, the motor has been calibrated, and the ADC input has also been calibrated, so I'm sure that the input voltage of the ADC is not the issue here, as it nicely stops "pushing" as soon as I pick up the step for a second.



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