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MINI 4 having DRV8301 in mini4.h !

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MINI 4 having DRV8301 in mini4.h !

Dear all,

I have generated with success the binary firmware ver 6.05 for mini4, using the provided  hwconf/other/hw_mini4.c and   hwconf/other/hw_min4.h files.
Therefore, I do not understand why HW_HAS_DRV8301 is defined in hw_mini4.h,  knowing that there is absolutely no DRVxxx hardware on the MINI4 schematic.

#ifndef HW_MINI4_H_
#define HW_MINI4_H_

#define HW_NAME                    "MINI4"

// HW properties
#define HW_HAS_DRV8301
#define HW_HAS_3_SHUNTS

Does the generated binary in these conditions will be able to execute "safely" on the target hardware, as depicted on the schematic ?

Thanks for the answer !

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Hi! I tried this firmware on mini4, trying with and without #define HW_HAS_DRV8301

both of them working, motor is spinning but I can't get current measurments right, my power supply show current that does not match VESC tool current. Also it catches lot of desync.