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Maytech 100a ESC

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Maytech 100a ESC


I have the Maytech MTSPF7.5K 100a vesc based esc.  I'm using it for a 3200W 6374 120kv motor running 12s on an eFoil.  I've been trying a few different propellers and I see these current spikes when I get over 2600rpm.  The log below is while running a 4 inch propeller at 95% duty cycle.  Current goes crazy between 20-50a!  My propeller slip is less than 15% at this rpm (~3600) so don't think that's the cause of all the issues.

The next log below is at 72%.  Still rather high current spikes!


I can't workout for the life of me what's causing these spikes.  Any ideas?  I've tried both duty and current control on my remote.