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Flipsky FSESC 6.9 encoder does not work [SOLVED]

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Flipsky FSESC 6.9 encoder does not work [SOLVED]

The Flipsky FSESC 6.9 has filtering capacitors on the hall input lines. The circuit is not exactly like Vedder's original vesc 4, or Vedder's vesc 6. When you want to use an encoder (SPI or ABI), these capacitors will make it work poorly or not at all. Here is a picture of the specific ESC in question:


Here is a picture of the location of the capacitors that have to be removed when using an encoder:




  1. NOT ALL flipsky fsesc products require capacitor removal in order to use an encoder.
  2. These capactors are surprisingly hard to remove, probably due to lack of any thermal relief and/or high melting point solder. It is easy to damage the traces/pads in the process. Be careful.


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