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Error message

My project is to substitute a brushed motor with a BLDC motor in an old dive scooter.

I've installed a brushless motor type Maytech “MTO6880-190-HA-C3” with a ESC type FLIPSKY “Mini FSESC 4.20”, using Arduino to pilot  ESC via PWM.

Aiming to simplify the project by means of eliminate Arduino, I've uploaded a custom firmware used in a commercial scooter having a simila arrangement but it has not worked.

Upon reinstallation of the original VESC Firmware and proceeding again with the "Wizard Setup Motors FOC" I'm now getting the following message which stop the process.

"Detection Results - Detection failed. Reason: DRV fault, hardware fault occurred. Check there are no shorts"

I've checked that there are no shorts but warning message is still present.

Any suggestion on how to proceed?




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I've got the same problem with my setup. Did you find anything that solved your issue?