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Does the blue tooth adapter from Flipsky now work with Iphone?

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Does the blue tooth adapter from Flipsky now work with Iphone?

Hi there guys.

I'm new here and seems there is lots to learn and I'm completely in the dark here! It's for a Laotie type dual motor scooter and I am using dual Flipsky 75100 controllers. 

Now that there is an IOS App for VESC (seems it was recently created), will the blue tooth adapter on the Flipsky website now work with my iphone? I want to order it, but it says that it will only work with Android. This could just be that it hasn't been updated yet, but want to check with you guys first before I order. I did send an email to Flipsky but no response yet. 

Or are there other options for blue tooth adapters?

-- As I type this, I just received a Daly BMS with a blue tooth adapter with a UART connector. Would this work? I would have to make sure its wired the same way as the controller but is a BT adapter just a BT adapter?



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Hi I've connected the Flipsky Bluetooth adapter to my iPhone app and it's connected. Haven't tried it to much just connected it and seems to work!