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FOC Startup issues

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FOC Startup issues

Im not sure if I posted this in the correct location - if not mod please move...


Anyway im currently struggeling to have a smooth foc startup using 3.01 and a chinese FESC75200. The cheap chinese impementation does not have the phase filters - Disabled.

In the sensorless tab all the openloop presets dont work nicely, however best performer is suprisingly fast start. My observation are violent "shocks" (likely when reaching openloop ERPM).

Openloop time/ramptime lock time and hysteresis all have theyre effect. However increasing the time makes the frequency of these shocks lower- however doesent avoid them.

Fast startup is not required- it can take a few sec to reach around 1k EPRM. However the process should be smooth. The load is a propeller/efoil.

Also since a startup at lower duty works better than with hi duty is the a way to limit the duty until FOC is synced and only then alow the Duty control?