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48V Battery cuts off while doing Motor Wizard

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48V Battery cuts off while doing Motor Wizard

Hello, I just installed a Flipsky 75100 into my e scooter and realized that the Motor wizard doesn't work, every time I run it, it goes up to 10 amps, at like 10 V and then cuts off, because the Battery drops to 42 V. (While doing the setup my battery was fully charged)

The motor doesn't spin just makes a noise and I get the -11 Error code -> undervoltage error and thus can't complete the setup .. any tips or help?

Is my Motor broken, my Flipsky 75100 or my battery BMS? 

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Try turning off phase filter option in vesc tool. The 75100 does not support this function and will draw high current in motor setup. Might be why your voltage drops below limit.