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Spintend 75V 100A ubox -Split AD-socket?

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Spintend 75V 100A ubox -Split AD-socket?

Hello, please excuse the poor subject line. I recently bought a Spintend ESC for use in my project and Im also very much new to this field. I ran into an issue pretty much immediately; the ADC-adapter takes up the one and only AD socket, which I had intended for the bluetooth module. The thing is that Im unable to perform an initial setup of the throttle and brake without using the app and the BT module. It does not work over usb from a laptop for some unknown reason, it just says my firmware is too old (which it obviously isnt since Im able to initiate the process in the app). Im also running the latest firmware. Now, my question is wether it would be possible to do a branch cable, like a y-cable from the AD-socket to run both the BT module and the ADC adapter simultaneously? Its a JST 2mm in case that matters. I havent been able to locate any pre-made ones as of yet, but im capable at soldering/crimping if needed. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to solve this issue. 

The ESC:

The BT module:

ADC adapter: