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Need to integrate 4 motor controllers for sensored motors

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Need to integrate 4 motor controllers for sensored motors


I'm trying to make a really cheap, open source self driving sidewalk robot ( 12 hours). One of the primary cost drivers in the current design is the VESC motor controllers (which cost more than the motors they are driving).

I would like to integrate motor control, voltage regulation, battery management/charging and communication with the high level computer (a Jetson Nano) into one board to simplify assembly and try to reduce costs. I've tested voltage regulation and communication functionality and am currently testing charging/management. I've tried to make a motor control board twice and failed both times (possibly soldering errors, not sure).

If I may ask, what advice do you guys have for designing motor control boards? I'm trying to drive 4 motors with the following specs:
Sensored (3 hall sensors)
Diameter: 190 mm
Preferred voltage 36 volts but planning to run at 24 volts (technically as high as 28.8 volts).

No load:
Speed 608 rpm
Current .762 amps

Stall current 43.084 amps

Maximum efficiency:
Speed 537 rpm
Current 5.73 amps

Max power:
Speed 304 rpm
current 21.92 amps

My last two tries were built around a DRV8320SRTVR's application circuit specs. It said it was using trapezoidal control, which I'm guessing is fairly crappy compared to a calibrated VESC.


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G431B-ESC1 maybe helpful.