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Top Speed Hard Limit

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Top Speed Hard Limit

I have been using a flipsky 4.20 esc based on vesc and I have it set up with ADC throttles, one for accelerating and one for braking.

The only issue I have had with it is with cruising at full speed where if the bike tries to go faster than full throttle speed such as pedaling hard or going down a steep hill, it regenerates strongly and prevents me going any faster unless I let off the throttle completely. I don't think it is the back emf of the motor being rectified through the body diodes of the mosfets because if I let off the throttle, the braking effect stops and I can go faster by pedal power or going downhill. Had a look at the realtime data and the motor is nowhere near the ERPM limit, so I'm a bit stuck about what I can do next. Other controllers I have used on the bike would let me go faster than full throttle speed down hills while still at full throttle but they were garbage in other ways.