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Regenerative Braking with Lead Acid Batteries

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Regenerative Braking with Lead Acid Batteries

I am building an electric narrow gauge train unit using 1.8kW brushless DC motors to run on a 15" gauge line to access a remote cabin in Scotland. It seems more fun than a roadway.

My initial set up uses four 12V 12AH AGM lead acid mobility scooter batteries in series - mass isn't a big problem for a train!

Could the VESC 6 MkV unit use regenerative braking into lead acid batteries (with careful setting of the maximum current) or does it only work for lithium ion? I want to check first before trying.


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If the battery can swallow the amps, it doesn't matter which battery you use. The faster you can charge the battery , the better. If the battery can't swallow up the energy you try to feed back, then you will see voltage spikes that potentially kill the VESC 6 MK V.

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High charge current can be an issue with lead acid and if it can't soak up you may end up with a voltage which causes excessive off gassing furthering the problem