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Duel FSESC 4.12 to Flipsky VX1 Connection issue

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Duel FSESC 4.12 to Flipsky VX1 Connection issue

Hi guys,

I really hope someone can help me.  Im new to the DIY game and have built my first electric skateboard.  Everything has been running smoothly but I seem to have a problem with my PPM detection on the last part of setting up my board.  My Flipsky VX1 controller pairs with my FSESC but I do not get any PPM readings.  I've connected to both local and CAN connections, run the Setup wizard but have nothing.  Most videos I've watch says that I should have some sort of pulse signal but I've got nothing.
The firmware has been updated, all connections secure, BT connected but no signal between the controller and Vesc tool. 
Strangely, when I push the throttle forward the motors make a noise and green lights flicker on my FSESC 4.12.

Anyones help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Matt


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your controller is not ppm it is uart.

Here some info i found.