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A mini FOC driver(small,low cost)

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A mini FOC driver(small,low cost)

I'm a RC fans, and try to make a small foc/bldc driver to use in my model airplane. 

While the size of vesc is a little big, so i did some change:

use discrete mos driver(fd6288) and current sensor(INA181) to replace Drv830x.

use mos with small package(qfn).

remove the usb interface.

use two  PCB layers so that it would be much cheaper than 4 layers. 



at first, I want to write the code by myself, so I did some difference with vesc in pin definition. While there are some problems when motor runs at high load(high current),

I have no time to find in where the problem exactly is, so I port the vesc firmware to my board, and it runs normally.

There should be some change in the hw files, and the code can be found at:

Ncerzzk/bldc: the vesc firmware fit to my bldc hardware (

the firmwave is a little old(3.6x), because the version is which I could comprehend, I know little about HFI, and have no time to learn now( I would graduate in some days, there are muck f**king thing to do)

the hardwave can be found at:

Ncerzzk/BrushlessFoc_Hardware (


show some pic about my board and airplane: