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Target VESC has no space to be flashed with ST-Link

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Target VESC has no space to be flashed with ST-Link

Hi guys,


I've been reading a bunch and have already successfully debugged a flipsky 4.2 I had. However, I'm having problems with a Seekerboard VESC 6 based ESC that I cannot seem to solve.


Long story short:

- Seekerboard/Boundmotor ESCs have no RST visible and CLK and IO have to be soldered directly to the hardware as diagram below (already did it and I'm trying flashing without RST).

- After successfully connecting to the ST-Link, the target hardware only shows 64kb of flashing memory, which is quite low and odd. This is where I got stuck, as even trying to upload a "BLDC_4_Bootloader_git_f507a7e4affa.hex", which has less than 64kb is not possible because this is a addition to BLDC_4_ChibiOS and it starts by address 0x080E0000, which cannot be read.


I know there are many other details I left out of the post, but I imagine it would be better to describe it as simple as possible for the moment. If ANYONE can help me find a solution, please let me know! Thanks in advance!

seekBound diagram.PNG