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MTVESC 6.12 DRV fault under load

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MTVESC 6.12 DRV fault under load


I have 200A ESC based on VESC v.6 hardware to use with Maytech 65162 100kv motor for electric foil. I run it from 12S battery. I have most recent vesc tool and firmware (no_hw_limit). I went through wizard and bldc detection. I set up current limits to 150A for motor, 300A ABS and 200A for battery. However as soon as I reach about 70-80 motor amps, the motor stops and DRV fault appears in the terminal. Since the motor was quiet rough on default settings from the wizard, I played with all the parameters and PID's to have it running perfectly. It starts without any cogging with all kinds of control (speed, current and duty). However it did not help with the problem and again the motor stops as soon as it hits about 80A and DRV fault appears. I have 2 units and they behave exactly the same. Wire length is not an issue since I run the tests with wires as short as possible.

I cannot get it to run in FOC mode at all. After many trials of parameters detection the motors spins but it takes 40A just to rotate the shaft without any load.

What might be causing that problem? Do I have any alternatives like delay commutation mode(it is the last thing I haven't played with in BLDC mode)? What parameters can I change to get it to run in FOC mode?