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Firmware flash on new born board

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Firmware flash on new born board

Hi All,

I almost finish my custom esc derived from 6.6 MkIV hardware , DiabloEsc,  I did it because I need a round pcb and I dont need external connectors like hall effect , uart servo etc.. just Can Bus, NTC and Power Supply, the only change in schematic is BMI160 Imu instead of MPU chip.

I'm not familiar with STM32 world and I would like a starting point on how to flash the newborn board firmware once assembled.

My plan is to connect a 6.0 Trampa Vesc , that I use to do some tests, with my new DiabloEsc via SDIO , SWCLK , GND pin and use the Vesc tool function to flash the new board, but I'm not sure if the standard 6.0 FW need some customization as the imu is different and how to do it

here the almost finished top layout , Fet and Capacitor are on bottom side

Thanks for any help



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Why did you change the IMU, keeping the old one would have saved a code change.

Personally I'd pickup a cheap STM programmer off of eBay and use that to burn the code onto the STM32. Make sure to only connect GND, SWD_DIO and SWD_CLK. DO NOT CONNECT VCC. I'm pretty sure the VESC cannot be used to flash other VESCs.

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You should be able to flash it fine with another vesc (i think), i normally use a cheap stlink v2 dongle to flash my boards.

Changing the IMU is not a problem, the VESC6 MkIV uses the BMI160, I use it on my boards as well.