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Trouble with FSESC75200

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Trouble with FSESC75200

Hi, I recently bought a Flipsky FSESC75200 to replace a 200A Maytech MTSVESC6.0 that stopped working randomly for unknown reasons.

Ive been trying to set up this new vesc for almost 3 days, but just cant get it to run properly. Ive read through many suggestions on the forum, but nothing seems to help much.

The motor I want to run is a 135kv Revolt 160sh with a 21s LTO pack (50.4V Nominal).

The best I could get it was to run okish with 100A. Above 100A I would get over current faults at 20khz switching frequency and just a loud screech at 60khz.

With the Maytech vesc I just ran the FOC detection and it was almost perfect. Unfortunately I didnt save the config.

With this new Flipsky unit the detected FOC values differ allot every time you do detection. Today I had resistance as low as 5mOhm and as high as 115mOhm.

The inductance fluctuates between 0.5 and 3.5uH.

I also tried it with a Maytech 8085 motor, but gotthe same problems.

Does this sound normal or did I perhaps get a faulty vesc?