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HW advice : repair , vesc 4.12, vesc 6.4 or better wait ?

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HW advice : repair , vesc 4.12, vesc 6.4 or better wait ?


I've just login to this forum after a quiet long quest of the best solution to my hardware issue (vesc 4.12 from Torqueboards for those who know with firmware/bldc tool 2.18 provided also by this vendor).

I hope my post is in the good discussion folder of this forum and apologize if not (maybe you can suggest the proper site/forum).

Basically the issue is a drv8302 error returned by the "faults" command, and the only mistake identified yet (from discussions with the vendor),  is a wrong value of the "max current ramp step" bldc configuration parameter that was 100 time bigger than the value recommended by the vendor : a bug in a previous version of the bldc / firmware that multiplied by 10 this value each time you write the configuration in the firmware was reported several time in the past on the "builders" forum...

I have made a google doc with all the elements (pictures of the setup, refs of the parts and connections, bldc screenshots, "faults" log...).

But, assuming the "faults" command "tells the truth", my point is to decide what's next now to reach the goal of my "riding program", which is basically 10 km flat riding daily at 35 km/h average speed with a 50 km/h top speed for a total weight of 90 kg (so board included).

So below are the options I see :

  - option A : replace the drv via a contributor offering such a service on the market (internet forums...).

  - option B : buy a new vesc 4.12 compatible with this riding program, as there are on the market.

  - option C : buy a vesc 6 on the market as it is today the best alternative for such a program.

  - option D : wait a little bit, as the vesc 6 (i.e. firmware 6 and/or hardware 6 on the market) will soon be compatible with such a program.

So thanks for any feedbacks on these options and/or suggest other ones, and Have a Nice Day,


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Hello Franck,

All of my experience with the 4.xx hardware with significant power resulted in killing the DRV chip eventually. As far as reliability and performance goes, the 6.xx hardware is bulletproof and can deliver much higher power without thermal throttling. Personally, I would purchase the VESC 6 especially for a daily driver that needs reliability.