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VESC clone smoked - help needed please

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VESC clone smoked - help needed please

I am currently in the process of building my first electric skateboard. I have attached an image of the components I am using. Last month after a few tests, I had an incident where my ESC smoked up. I have no clue why it smoked up? I used the correct settings, my batteries are compatible. I wish I knew why (it is killing me)!!! Hopefully the problem lies with the ESC, i.e. it was faulty.

Now I am also concerned that the motor could have caused the ESC to smoke, or maybe even worse, the possibility that the motor has now become damaged from the incident.

How can I tell if the motor is damaged or faulty as if I use a new ESC it would be terrible to have the same thing happen again.

Is there anyway I can repair my damaged ESC looking at the pictures attached?

How can I prevent the same thing from happening again in the future?


Thank so so much for your help,




Battery specs.JPGMotor.JPGSideViewOfVESC.jpegWholeSkateboard.jpegVESC.jpeg

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That looks to be a VESC V4.12 so not technically from Trampa, they're good for 30A continuous 50A for bursts.

2x 5s batteries in series is 10s (37V nom, 42V max) which is well inside of the VESC's max 60V
They're 30C which is a bit low but still gives 150A so they'll deliver whatever that VESC v4.12 wants.

That 6374 is quite a large motor for that VESC, it shouldn't have blown up but IMHO the VESC v4.12 is best paired with a 50xx class motor rather than a 63xx.
You could probably replace the DRVxxxx chip that's damaged and it might work again but that chip is increadably tricky to replace.

What settings did you have, specifically about max current.