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Maytech VESC 6 FOC turn off without fault at high erpm, blower

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Maytech VESC 6 FOC turn off without fault at high erpm, blower

Hi everyone I'm using a Maytech SUPERFOC 6.8 with a 24V 15A PSU, and I'm using it to operate a bldc blower in FOC mode with hall sensor (auto recognition of FOC parameters ok).

The VESC responds well up to 60K ERPM - 90/93% Duty cycle approximately, and after the VESC shuts down the motor completely without signaling any failure.

To restart the motor I must press the stop button, set the PPM to idle and then raise it again.

The motor never exceeds the set current or others limits.

The firmware is the last available in the VESC TOOL.

I tried to use the blower in BLDC Sensored and Sensorless mode changing all the parameters but the recognition always fails, while with other motors it works.

Using the blower in BLDC Sensorless mode with the parameters obtained from another motor the blower can reach about 66000 Erpm and the VESC doesn't stop it.

Another problem is that using another Sensorless ESC type TRIXX Blue Line 85A (8Khz switching) the motor goes up to 96000 Erpm, how come this VESC can't make it run that fast? I also tried to unlock the duty cycle up to 99% but it doesn't reach those speeds.

What does it depend on in your opinion?

I link the graphs of the VESC TOOL tool and the motor datasheet:


Thank you very much for your help!!


Dan Slanker
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Did anybody ever answer you on this? Thanks, Dan...

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It might not be much help but I read somewhere on a description for either a Maytech or Flipsky (think it was Maytech) that the VESC/ESC shouldn't be used with a switching power supply because of a very high voltage spike at the start? Sorry this is so incredibly vague but it's purely from recollection. If anyone knows what I might be talking about who has some more in-depth knowledge then please do weigh in.


So if that were true, have you tried with a LiPo or Li-Ion etc.?

hopefully it's fixable because I was planning on buying some Maytech VESCs...


As an aside, in the description of their 200A VESC 6.6 products, it claims that they have a max ERPM of 30-60k BLDC and FOC. That seems strange because I thought VESC 6 and above have more like 100-150k ERPM limits... I've sent them an email to get clarity but awaiting on their response.