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New need help


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2. Motor Wizard FOC

Im pretty new to this and Im having a hard time programming my dual 6.6 Fesc. I have the basics motor, wheel and pulley size correct. As far as the battery I dont know what info to put in for cells and capacity. Im running a 10s4p battery, 12000Ah, 30Q, 36V. I have the flipsky V2 pro remote and it keeps showing board is going in reverse instead of forward and the mph is not accurate. I have both motors checked as inverted and they both spin in the direction they are set for when using the remote. The remote works but it doesnt do anything on the vesc screen when you go to calibrate it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You need to get in touch with Flipsky. They should know how to set up the remote. If direction is your problem: There is a Invert Motor Direction option in VESC-Tool.

Doing the Wizard you get the option to invert theh direction.

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Yes i i think you can use the invert motor direction, if you will be sure, try to connect another remote, and if is still in reverse mode, change it with vesc tool