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Vesc 6.6 120a ADC2 pin out seems to be shorting..?

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Vesc 6.6 120a ADC2 pin out seems to be shorting..?

Hi All

Im currently building a couple of BLDC powered scoots using a 6.6 vesc  120a version (maystar)..and im using 2x wired hall sensor throttle one for throttle one for brake through the ADC /UART plug..

I have built 5 scooters all the same but using the lower powered 60a flipsky vesc and this method has worked perfectly- now however the ADC 2 pin seems to have shorted on both VESC 6.6,,,and is reading 3v no matter the position of the throttle..  its worked initially then stopped 

I have bench tested both throttle and they work fine and the ADC 1 pin out reads fine 0.9v-3.0v as expected

Both vesc work fine with a PPM signal and with ADC 1  current no brake..

So firstly,is this a common fault , if so what the solution?

can i program the adc3 pin to work as the brake input instead?

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These are no VESCs. It is third party hardware and only the manufacturer can help you to figure out what happened.