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VESC Design - Review and Bringup - 150V - 20A

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VESC Design - Review and Bringup - 150V - 20A


I wanted to try out VESC for a sensorless application and designed this:

This uses TO220 Mosfets - 150V and 20A.

This has no step down from Vmotor to 12V, since I figured it would be cheaper to mount an external buck to do that job.

I do not intend for this to be very high performance, but possibly good enough to get a motor spinning.The gate drivers are IR2113S (since I had a lot of those with me).

Can the experienced members please review my design ? This is based on the 'Mini' open source PCB design.

Current state: I have a windows based machine and mostly use Keil to program ST based MCUs in the past, I have no clue as to how to get the firmware on the board and communicate with it. I tried uploading the pre compiled firmware, but the VESC tool's utility does not detect any VESC. Kindly suggest how to proceed from there.


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Hi, nice to see more people making custom hardware!

The fets on your pdf are 60v ones not 150v?

For getting code going I just use a text editor and compile code using Ubuntu app for Windows. I don't really see why the code wouldn't work tbh, all you need is power, an 8Mhz clock, and usb connected.

Also I am not sure I would hold the reset line high like that. You are better to just remove that 10k resistor, I have seen issues before where pullup is too high for mcu to internally reset itself.


As a quick test to see if the chip is running you can flash the firmware, reconnect power and the green led should be dimly lit to show that the system is running. Then check you have a 8mhz clock on the clk in, make sure USB lines are the right way round and you have a ground connected.