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Flipsky FSVESC Bricked?

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Flipsky FSVESC Bricked?


We are working on a small project involving Flipsky ESC's programmed via VESC.

We just connected 2 different ESC's to the same motor and after connecting the 6 pin JST for hall-effect sensors (5v H1 H2 H3 0V) (Temperature not supported so left disconnected) we think it is bricked. We also plugged in 3 other wires (RX, ADC, -) to a stripboard with an Arduino on it. 

That Arduino is now completely bricked aswell. HOWEVER, we are unsure if its possible that we could brick an ESC via the onboard ADC, RX or - pin in that section? But are open to suggestions of how that may have happened. 

The surprising element of the ESC's problems is that their onboard LED's do not light up at all (100% did before, the blue and green ones). This is an error we have struggled to find before online. 

The ESC's are connected to 24V 8S LiFe zippy batteries (2 4S's in series). 


Has anyone had any experience with using ESC control via ADC or the onboard hall effect ports and caused the entire thing to brick to the point of no LED's turning on? We know we are unlikely to fix these bricked ones however wish to not repeat our mistakes.