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ESC ceases operation after 40 sec ride

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Last seen: 5 months 6 days ago
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ESC ceases operation after 40 sec ride

I run a 4.12 ESC on a sensored 125 KV Motor (Turnigy D5035) with 10S Battery.

Whenever i go with max Speed for 50 sec. (Power usage < 1kW) it refuses service for 2  to 3 min.

After that it is again ready to run

The ESC is less than handwarm. The motor is approx 40 degree Celsius.

Payload is approx 25 kg weight on a rail-carriage.

Does anybody have a good idea how to resolve this deficiency?

Last seen: 1 hour 53 min ago
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Sounds like temperature related. Check what temp is shown in VESC-Tool. Could be a wrong reading.