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Connect PixHawk 4 to FSESC 4.12

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Connect PixHawk 4 to FSESC 4.12

Hello, as I understand it, FSECS 4.12 is VESC just from a third-party manufacturer. If I'm in the wrong place, sorry)

I have a problem connecting the FSESC 4.12 to the controller PixHawk 4. The controller has Ardupilot installed. The tuning information I found did not give me any direction for further searches.

Now PixHawk connects to the computer, receives commands from it and transmits them to FSECS. At the factory settings PixHawk, the motors start to spin in a chaotic manner, and when trying to bring the configuration to match the settings FSESC, the motors stop responding altogether.

I practically do not understand how PixHawk and FSESC work from the inside, but the vital necessity forces me to configure their bunch. I can provide all the necessary information on the current settings and the system, if required.

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Hi there iwdok,

Have you managed to get it to work with the pixhawk? I'm facing the same issue.
Thank you.

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If you use PPM, make sure to use PPM opto decouplers in between pix hawk and the ESC! Otherwise you hav a GND loop. Cutting the red power wire on PPM will not help!