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FSESC 4.20

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Victor Bruun
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FSESC 4.20



I am looking to control a bosch active line motor with the FSESC 4.20 controller. 


I plan on running the motor at about 20A. I have seen the conversion done with a 6-series, but since the FSESC 4.20 is so much cheaper and it seems that I am trying to use it within spec, I am inclined to go down that route. 

Is there anything that is obviously wrong with my plan? 


- Victor

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I can tell about my experience, i use FSESC 4.20 for control  scooter motor  brusheless with 31 poles,  at 36v.  i was testing it with load and the Vesc register 30A without problems,  but you need add a dissipator because the temperature can become up 70 degrees.