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Red flashing light?

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Red flashing light?

I have 2 of the VESC's you can buy from TorqueBoards.

I have been struggling to get my 2 motor setup to work. I have the can-bus and nothing seens to work like the tutorials tell me.  So I have resorted to trying to run them indivually just to make sure they work. One of them, the one i was using as the slave, blinks red every time I try to control it with the remote, I have tried it has both the Slave and the Master. (No CAN-bus connected)  Any clue what the red light means? Am I screwed and have to spend another $100?

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Blinking red means that there is a fault code. You can type faults in the terminal after it has been blinking to see what kind of fault it is. If the motor is not moving at all and the fault says DRV it is quite likely that the hardware is broken and needs to be repaired.

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sorted the problem

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Is it possible to link the blink type. Today I have 6 red blink and I don't know the meaning. 

Also FatsoBatso, please elaborate a bit. The principe of a forum is not just asking for help but also share. 


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fatso batso

thanks for sharing your problem.. and not telling us the solution.