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GOESC will not connect

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GOESC will not connect


I am new using a vesc. I have followed a tutorial on how to using the "vesc tool" to program it with GOESC controller. The other day I got the motor to run on both my computer with the connection from the cable and then on the remote control unplugged from the computer. This worked at night and then the next morning. I then unpluged the motor to actually route the wires in the case where they belong and then tried to run it again and it would not work.

At this point both the mini usb cable that came with the GOESC does not read on my computer (it did before) when viewing device manager and I cannot connect to reconfigure the GOESC. It also did not read with a cable I use to program other applications. (and yes the power was turned on when trying to connect the GOESC)

Is there anything that is obvious to someone who has used this stuff before that I am missing because I do not see what is wrong at the moment

Thank you

- Marty

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I do not know the edu version, but are you sure that VESC is powered correctly? On VESC VI there is a light indicating it is powered. Another tip is to try with a different computer.

Maybe Frank will come and help.