The VESC Project

Welcome to the Home of the VESC Open Source Project!

If you aim to build flexible, efficient, and reliable power systems for your platform, the resources you will find here can help you achieve your goals faster.  The VESC environment has addressed engineering challenges on a broad scale from miniature multicopters requiring tens of watts all the way to electric passenger planes drawing hundreds of kilowatts  - if your project incorporates electric motors, actuators or batteries, you will want to learn more about this project. Today VESC motor controllers are used across a breadth of different devices including robots, multicopters, planes, camera gimbals, e-bikes, electric skateboards, RC equipment, and many industrial applications.

At it's heart, the VESC Movement aims to unlock advanced software and hardware implementations of cutting edge electric power systems and put them in the hands of developers to create powerful and efficient machines. While the VESC ecosystem is setup to be easy to use and contains a host of automated detection and setup wizards, it also invites developers to look under the hood and better understand their systems from the ground up. This enables exciting new possibilities that might be difficult or impossible with closed source alternatives that are locked behind paywalls and contracts.  Our work builds off of a long history of advanced motor control strategies and it's open implementation encourages learning, improvement, and review from the community. A host of integrated hardware drivers that is constantly expanding offers unrivaled flexibility within the space. 

The VESC Environment is so much more than just a technical solution - its a rapid growing community of enthusiasts and experts, spread around the entire globe. Help your project succeed through the power of collaboration and the combined knowledge of the VESC community. If you have made it this far, we would like to formally invite you to come be a part of the VESC Movement with us!