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Persistant ABS Overcurrent Error on A200S

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Persistant ABS Overcurrent Error on A200S


am using a A200S 2.1 ESC with a 6000W rated 160kv 80mm outrunner in a 16S setup (FOC).

I am using UART to set the current. I am targeting 100A in this system. First my problem: I am getting ABS overcurrent faults even tho the limit is set at the max 300A. I tried many things to get it to work, but nothing seems to really help. These errors occur at anything above 60A, which is way below what should be possible with this setup. Here's some information:

I am using "Slow ABS Current Limit" true. My motor wires are 1m long and kinda thick, I tried separating them but it did not help. My battery wires are less than 0,5m long and even thicker.

I switched from 30khz to 60khz, turning off sampling in V0 and V7. I did motor detection with a hot motor, I doubled and halfed the observer gain (and gain at minimum duty). I added a ramping in my throttle. I used stator saturation compensation in steps from 0 up to 30% with no change. All other values are standard, I changed nothing. I changed resistance and inductance around a bit, but no change. High current sampling mode also didn't change anything. Same with current filter constant. 

Here is my only clue to what's really going on: On the sample it seems to me like it is loosing track of the rotor position. This is at anything above 60A, and at mid RPM (if i try 100A, it cuts out at any RPM).

Is is supposed to look this chaotic? Even before the fault, the current does not look like a sine at all, and other peoples samples always looked much nicer, as far as I could tell.

Here is my motor setup as a xml text file as onedrive-upload:!AqReLVlXOCIKs1NPNomb-fhfcG4t?e=pgW24C

That's much easier than posting screenshots of all my settings. Now I would really like to know what your ideas are.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I am new to VESC:) I have spend a lot of time now and I've been using this setup for a few weeks (and other ESCs before), but I really need your advice.

Let me know if I forgot any important information. What can I do? 


best regards and thanks a lot for your help!