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Half vesc not working through can-bus

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Half vesc not working through can-bus

Hello guys. Im new here. I hope you can give me a push because im starting to frustrate myself haha.

I have the Dual Flipsky 6.6 Vesc. It is single board that integrates two vescs connected through can-bus- Im posting this problem here because i suspect that i has to do with the vesc-tool.

I know that both the vescs work well because individually and connected to the usb, both are able to spin the motor in the motor setup wizard. The problem comes when i want to run both like im supposed to do for a electric board. The master vesc works and responds to the ppm radio input. The orher one doesn`t move because it doesn`t recieve the can-bus comunication from the master.

Im aware that there is a swich to connect/disconnect the can-bus "cable" and i have also tried to make the can-bus comunication manully in the comunications tab but the tool launches an error message saying that the version does not support can-bus ??¿¿

I suspect that the problem is with the tool`s version (wich is the latest v1.19) so i tried 0.95 wich i know prompts you to make the can-bus setup in the input wizard but i can`t use 0.95 because the firmware in the vescs is too new so it tells me to downgrade wich i can`t do neither!! The downgrade seems to work fine but then when it reboots it shows the same version xd

If someone can tell me something, even if it`s just a small clue i will be super thankfull!

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I am having the exact same issue? Anyone?


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HAve you had any luck? ive got the same problem