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Normal topic How the saliency is affecting the High frequency signal injection?
by SOURAV UK on Sun, 2020-05-03 11:35
Sun, 2020-05-03 11:35
General discussion
Normal topic Battery charging using motor inductance
by eptv on Sun, 2020-04-26 07:44
by eptv
Sun, 2020-04-26 07:44
General discussion
Normal topic Flipsky broken off USB ports
by mnchvgs79 on Fri, 2021-06-25 20:25
by mnchvgs79
Fri, 2021-06-25 20:25
General discussion
Normal topic Hyper-V No "New" button in the action pane
by Gheer on Tue, 2020-11-17 13:02
by Gheer
Tue, 2020-11-17 13:02
Third Party Hardware
Normal topic How to tune BLDC delay mode
by Torbjorn on Tue, 2022-11-15 13:21
by Torbjorn
Tue, 2022-11-15 13:21
General discussion
Normal topic Inquiry about Incremental and Absolute Encoders in VESC for Robotics
by sivanhere on Fri, 2022-10-28 21:02
by sivanhere
Fri, 2022-10-28 21:02
General discussion
Normal topic vesc 4.12 2,3miliohm shunts firmware help
by artteth on Sat, 2018-10-13 00:42
by artteth
Sat, 2018-10-13 00:42
VESC Firmware
Normal topic despin platform
by wjpremerlani on Fri, 2023-03-31 19:54
by wjpremerlani
Mon, 2023-04-24 15:38
Projects incorporating VESC technology
Normal topic Maytech VESC keeps startup spinning slowly
by Snorreman on Mon, 2018-09-24 09:57
by Snorreman
Mon, 2018-09-24 09:57
Third Party Hardware
Normal topic what if HIGHT voltage battery to the MakerX GO-FOC DV6/PRO ESC (VESC6) ?
by Argazmo on Sat, 2023-03-18 14:52
by Argazmo
Sat, 2023-03-18 15:05
Third Party Hardware
Normal topic Motor draws current (up to 120 A), but doesn't turn
by Heimfried on Sun, 2020-03-01 22:21
by Heimfried
Sun, 2020-03-01 22:21
General discussion
Normal topic 75/300 R3 and wird iOS metr App
by nice2cu on Sun, 2020-09-13 20:51
by nice2cu
Sun, 2020-09-13 20:51
VESC Original Hardware
Normal topic throttle mapping: non-zero current at zero adc input?
by FreddyForLaunch on Wed, 2021-04-14 21:48
by FreddyForLaunch
Thu, 2021-04-15 09:00
Normal topic Is anyone else having the same problems
by Jheckman on Mon, 2022-08-22 16:33
by Jheckman
Mon, 2022-08-22 16:33
Normal topic More than 1A spike from the 5V 1A port of the VESC 6 HP
by onluckyy on Thu, 2023-07-27 17:15
by onluckyy
Thu, 2023-07-27 17:15
General discussion
Normal topic Install VESC on ubuntu 18.04 bionic
by rest_vesc_001 on Tue, 2020-12-08 07:32
by rest_vesc_001
Fri, 2020-12-11 15:15
General discussion
Normal topic Vesc tool app x Spinted Ubox
by Thomas Leduc on Fri, 2021-07-16 10:10
by Thomas Leduc
Mon, 2021-08-16 08:50
Third Party Hardware
Normal topic How to implement a simple autopilot
by oangelo on Thu, 2022-12-22 12:50
by oangelo
Thu, 2022-12-22 12:50
General discussion
Normal topic External NRF bug
by boards on Wed, 2017-06-28 07:49
by boards
Wed, 2017-06-28 07:49
VESC6 Beta
Normal topic Acceleration Temperature Decrease (Relevant Safety Update)
by frank on Sun, 2017-10-29 22:19
by frank
Sun, 2017-10-29 22:19


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