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Software TODO list

Submitted by benjamin on Tue, 2017-09-05 22:02

This is a TODO list for features in VESC Tool and in the VESC firmware. It will be updated on a regular basis.

Date Added Task Link Status Done in FW
2017-09-05 PPM reverse function with double tap. 1 Done 3.58
2017-09-05 Different throttle curves for forwards and reverse.   Done 3.28
2016-02-10 Speed ramping. 1 TODO  
2017-08-01 Proper hall sensor support for BLDC   TODO  
2017-09-01 Overcharge soft cutoff.   TODO  
2017-09-05 NTC Beta factor configuration option. 1 Done 3.28
2017-09-05 Fix RT data timescale. 1 Done 3.28
2017-09-05 FW: Add board configuration file and set correct pin modes at boot.   Done 3.28
2017-09-06 cPPM APP with mixing 1 TODO  
2017-10-14 Field weakening 1, 2 TODO  
2017-10-17 Online parameter changes 1 Done 3.42
2017-10-26 Different temperature cutoffs for acceleration and brake   Done 3.30
2017-11-06 PID handbrake at full brake option when sensors are present. 1 TODO  
2017-11-23 Proper torque-controlled brake from 0 speed. 1 Done 3.47
2018-03-06 Step/Dir app for CNC applications and similar. 1 TODO  
2018-03-16 Support for pedal sensor in ADC app (legal requirement in some places). 1 TODO  
2018-03-23 APP_ADC: Safe start after braking feature. 1 TODO  
2019-07-05 Hall sensor and other hardware debugging support in VESC Tool 1 TODO  

To see a list of all changes between the firmwares, have a look at the changelog.


Hi Benjamin,

According to the changelog, it seems that Github Firmware Source Code is still 3.33.

Can you upload the latest one, please?!

Have a Nice Day.


Bonjour avec vesc 6.4 quelles sont les valeurs maximales applicables au courant du moteur, au courant de la batterie et au courant maxi?
Si je veux 2 vesc dans ma configuration, devrais-je compter la valeur × 2 ou l'ampère reste le même et gauche 50/50?

Merci d'avance pour vos réponses.

it says i need the latest firmware so i can program my Dual board. i have NO PROBLEM donating money but i cant until someone shows or tells me how to do it. 


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